Daisy-Anne is an abstract artist based just outside of Atlanta, GA. Her intuitive and expressionistic abstract paintings are intertwined with the art of storytelling, centering around themes of brokenness, healing, growth, renewal, and restoration. Daisy largely emphasizes layers, texture, motion and color to create a language of her own.  Salvaging discarded, surplus, neglected or broken materials to repurpose in her work has become a mainstay of her style.  


Healing has become a recurring role and theme in both Daisy’s life and work. After being formally educated in oil painting, Daisy went on to earn a degree in nursing, all while raising a family.  Currently, Daisy remains passionate about continuing her work as a registered nurse in both the emergency room and surgical services while working as a full-time artist. 


Her work is aptly centered around and integral to the experiences of healing, restoration and the relationship between polarities such as life and death. Daisy’s love of science can be seen in her evolving experimental processes and use of materials.  Daisy currently works out of her home studio in Duluth, GA.


“I love the idea of bringing new life to something. The idea that nothing is destroyed and nothing is created, but simply transformed. This is how my art gives me hope and helps me to see the beauty in everything.”


I hope to identify and point to a timeless, abstract universality common to and shared by all of us and everything, something more succinctly referred to as “The Absolute.” Some may also refer to it as “God.” For me, The Absolute is God, and, I suppose I could say that my artwork is my means of worship.


Past Artwork

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