Alisha Morgan is a German born visual artist and has been fascinated by all art throughout her life. She found herself employed in the corporate world before accepting an apprenticeship at Glatt Glass Friedberg to learn the art of stained glass and sandblasting glass work. Alisha later learned to goldsmith at Jeweler Kuhn in Bad Nauheim. She has more recently studied under Caleb Morgan to become a well respected tattoo artist in the industry.


It wasn’t until much later in life that Alisha discovered her passion for painting. Although she is self-taught, her love for all forms of art has been influenced by her Great Aunt Irene Schue who owns Kunstschule Atelier Irene Schuh in Frankfurt, Germany and her husband Caleb Morgan. She also greatly admires contemporary artist Kippi Leonard and atmospheric landscape artist Shane Miller.

As a self taught visual artist, she creates soulful abstract paintings with alcohol inks and mixed media. Alisha has used art as a way to lift her from the immense darkness of life and celebrate its unique beauty. She is the survivor of a rare form of cancer and tragically lost her mom at an early age. Alisha’s mission is to create art that guides people to nourish their soul, be inspired, grounded, and relish in the joys of life.

Alisha was born and raised in the small village Dorn Assenheim Germany Hessen. She now resides in Atlanta, GA where she works out of her studio at the art collective The B Complex located in Atlanta.



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