Lauren Phillips is an emerging artist living in Charlotte, North Carolina. She grew up in South Carolina and attended Clemson University where she met her husband and received her BA in Education. She was a teacher and literacy coach for over twenty years until November 2020 when she resigned to stay home with her three children during the difficulties of virtual learning due to Covid-19. It was during this transitional time in her life when she began exploring new outlets for her creativity. In her time as an educator, she nurtured her love of creating through writing and by collaborating with teachers. Once she no longer had these regular connections, she began longing for new ways to create and to connect with others. Thus her painting journey began.

Nature has always inspired Lauren. In particular she is drawn to the way light bounces and plays among flowers, landscapes, and the skies. She is fascinated with how shadows and light compliment each other because it serves as a reminder that one cannot exist without the other. Whether it be the gentle glow of a sunrise casting a golden hue over a serene waterscape or the dramatic play of shadows in a landscape, light breathes life into her art.

Lauren is an acrylic painter and uses a variety of painting tools to capture movement, depth, and texture. Her paintings evoke a sense of optimism in the viewers, inviting them to pause, reflect, and find solace in the beauty that exists within our world.


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