Cynthia Newport is an emerging artist currently residing in the Indiana Dunes National Park, working primarily in acrylics. Cynthia was born and raised in Maryland. As an adult, she moved to Chicago, where she married and started a family of her own. Cynthia is an artist at heart and has been creating since her earliest memories. Cynthia’s work is deeply rooted in her spirituality and her profound reverence for the mysteries of the universe. Her art is characterized by both intuitive abstracts and florals, which are explorations of texture and form, as well as mindfully chosen color palettes.

Cynthia believes in the transformative and healing power of art and aims to share universal truths, mysteries, and even the questions of our existence through her work. Her creative process is a reflection of her beliefs and passions; these shape her perception of the world and influence her artistic expression. She hopes her art can inspire others to see the world with fresh eyes, embrace mystery, and uncover deeper meaning in their lives.


Artist Statement

Central to my art is a profound connection with spirituality, which is the driving force behind my creative process. I believe in the transformative and healing power of art, aiming to share the universal truths, mysteries, and questions at the heart of our existence. Art has the remarkable ability to transcend language, culture, and religion, connecting us all on a much deeper level.


My journey has led me to the beauty and wildness of the Indiana Dunes National Park, where I currently reside. Nature is a constant source of inspiration and beauty for me. I work primarily with acrylics to create art that reflects my deepest experiences and my conviction in the potency of our experiences and connectedness. I believe sharing our hearts and narratives can reshape our world into a gentler and more loving place.


Simultaneously, my work remains deeply personal, reflecting my own inner journey. For me, creating is a means of connecting with the divine and with my deepest self. Through my art, I aim to create a space for healing and contemplation, encouraging viewers to reflect on their own relationship with these themes.

Ultimately, my art is an expression of life in all its intricate beauty and complexity. My hope is that my creations inspire others to connect with their inner truth, leading them to discover more wholeness and deeper meaning in their lives.



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