Kelly O’Neal is a multi-disciplinary mixed media artist. In addition to creating figurative and abstract works on paper and canvas, she is also an actress and award-winning filmmaker.

Kelly’s artwork has been exhibited in galleries and commissioned for books, periodicals, and board games. Her figures and portraits are strongly influenced by her work as an actress. She is interested in finding the breath and the emotion just beneath the surface of the human face, often featuring images of women in relationship with nature. In collage work, she uses magazine papers and painted transparencies, playing with layers, textures, and bold, joyful colors. She approaches her abstracts as intuitive improvisations.

Kelly is a self-taught visual artist, having earned her BFA in Acting from Florida State University. She has acted professionally in film, TV, musical theatre, classical theatre, performance art, commercials, and stand-up comedy. She was a founding member of the 90’s glam funk musical group Superchick & Goodpussy. And in 2008, she created Mean Mama Dog Productions, becoming an early web series creator with her character-driven comedy The Gilda Sue Rosenstern Computer Internet Show, which then became a live stage performance. In 2017 she produced and directed the award-winning film Gilda Sue Rosenstern: The Motion Picture! now on Amazon. Kelly also collaborates with Droom Vox Theatre, editing and co-producing the ongoing film series based on the work of Robin Spriggs.


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