Born in Dorchester, MA, Paul Makovski, the founder of Maks Simone, is a self-taught artist whose journey into the world of mixed media creations is a testament to the power of innate creativity. Growing up intrigued by street artists, graffiti, and contemporary art, Paul found early inspiration from the
interplay of bright colors, textures, and forms that shaped the urban landscape of his childhood. Without any formal training, he embarked on a unique artistic exploration, experimenting with various mediums to articulate his evolving

Paul’s intuitive approach and fearless use of unconventional materials results in captivating pieces that engage viewers on a visceral level. With a palette that ranges from earthy tones to bursts of neon colors, he evokes the audience to decipher the layers of meaning within each piece, fostering a dynamic dialogue between the artwork and its observers.

Both his Spirit Orb and Double Take art pieces force a physical presence to properly interact with the art, as they can only be viewed by the human eye, and the illusions and experience are simply lost through photographs.

Driven by a passion for self-expression and a commitment to pushing artistic boundaries, Paul continues to evolve his craft, in an effort to leave a permanent mark on the contemporary art scene.


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